Sentimental Garden - Love Water

Zusammenstellung Love Water

Inkjetprints auf Matte Paper Heavy Weight, Zusammenarbeit mit Eduardo Vinuëza (USA)
Grösse Einzelblatt: 394 x 256 mm

Love water. / We live by pauses. / Don't let deep searching trouble you /
But let the veins flow / And flood my universe. / Life comes to me in Nikon flashes /
And your smile as tender blows. / Come here, let me hit you with my love style. /
Let me trip you with a kiss. / Let's throw the days into the nights /
And spill the hours / Into this river-street-life /
Come, / Jump, / Swim with me. / Don't let deep searching ground you /
But let your love be water / And flood my universe.

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