Sentimental Garden - bread.

Zusammenstellung Bread

Inkjetprints auf Matte Paper Heavy Weight, Zusammenarbeit mit Eduardo Vinuëza (USA)
Grösse Einzelblatt: Format gross: 394 x 256 mm, Format klein: 166,5 x 256 mm

A piece of bread rests on the table / Among the water jug and salt. /
And I sit watching. / My reflection in my coffee / How dark I seem /
How old — See how / The black waves /
Push towards the cup's edge / Wrinkling my skin. /
See how the black fly / Circles my meal.

A piece of bread lies on the table / And I sit picking, lifting stray /
Sesame seeds and gently biting them in half. / How wonderful they taste. /
My skinny elbows rest on the table. / No fusions here / No jazz / No syncopation /
Just bread. water. salt. / And I sit watching / Alone with my / Harm.

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